The 1990’s were a scandalous decade. Please let me jog your memories of the juiciest scandals of that decade. The big one of course was Bill and Monica. Monica was not Fiddle, Faddle or Marilyn. These ladies were girls of the 1960’s. Things were different then.

Other notable people involved in scandals of the 1990’s were Woody Allen, Pee Wee Herman, OJ Simpson, Lorena Bobbitt, Pam Anderson-Tommy Lee sex tape, Tonya Harding and Kathleen Kerrigan, Heidi Fleiss, JonBenet Ramsey and Hugh Grant.

My point is that the tabloids had plenty of fertile ground to plow. But these intrepid journalists were not satisfied with all of these lurid scandals. They kept digging and discovered that JFK was not assassinated in Dallas, but was alive and living in a secret hideaway only to make occasional appearances in the first half of the 1990’s. Note the following cover page




Here we have irrefutable evidence that  Weekly World News Feb. 4. 1992  JFK was alive and well in the early 1990’s. JFK was being of assistance to our presidents and certain world leaders. But you may not yet be convinced. Now let’s bring out the eye witnesses:




Need more proof?  There have been sightings at various times when JFK comes out of hiding. Check the Headlines:




I can find no other evidence of JFK’s activities after 1995. What happened that year? Did he pass away quietly in his secret hide-away? Did the conspirators spirit him away to an unknown grave? Perhaps the brave investigative journalists who exposed the false Dallas assassination hoax will step forward and expose what really happened to JFK in 1995.





Karl's Library

Karl’s book collection


Karl has been collecting books for most of his life. He has virtually every book written by 20th century writers such as Hemingway, Mailer, Steinbeck, Faulkner, O’Hara, Sinclair Lewis, Bill Buckley, Philip Roth, Gore Vidal, Michener, Ayn Rand, Capote, Galbraith and many more.
Karl’s largest collection consists of books on the Kennedy Family. He has a trove of books on John, Jackie, Bobby, Ted, Rose and Joe, JFK, Jr. etc. The Kennedy collection including books and magazines totals approximately 4,600 volumes.

Karl's Book Collection

Karl’s personal library



Karl and Ruth Ohrman on their 50th wedding anniversary. The Ohrman’s renewed their wedding vows at the Saint Paul Cathedral, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood. The Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, under the leadership of Bishop David Zubik. Magnificent and historic, it stands and shines as a beacon of hope.




To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary–on October 20th Karl and Ruth will attend a special Roman Catholic Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral celebrated by Bishop David A. Zubik where they will renew their marriage vows. A day which happens to be Karl’s birthday. What a spectacular way to spend one’s birthday. Renewing your vows to the woman dearest to your heart while enjoying good cake!


In coordination with Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua, the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recently gathered and shipped thousands of sets of shoes to Central America that are needed for rural schoolchildren.
Project co-chairs Mike Madden and Karl Ohrman, and Karl’s three teen age grandchildren, boxed gently used children’s shoes in 25 “dish” shipping boxes. Each box holds an estimated 150 pairs of shoes, thus the total number that will wind up in Nicaragua is an astounding 3,750 pairs of shoes.
The 25 boxes will be trucked to Matthew 25 Ministries, a nonprofit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike Madden, president of USA Insulation, has volunteered to truck the boxes to Cincinnati at no charge. This ministry will ship the shoes to Nicaragua to be distributed by their nonprofit agency that do their good work all over the country.
The Rotary Club of Pittsburgh is proud to announce that past president, Karl J. Ohrman, CLU, was presented with the 2012-2013 Rotarian of the Year award at the club’s July 10 membership luncheon.
“There was no doubt about it. Karl did outstanding work for Rotary this past year. Karl has served the club faithfully for over 30 years.” said President Ray Amelio.
Karl has been a member of Pittsburgh Rotary since 1980. He has served every possible club position including club president in 1991-1992. This past year Karl chaired the highly successful Shoes for Nicaragua project which collected and delivered over 3,700 pairs of shoes to school children in Nicaragua.
Karl also served as co-chair for the annual Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award luncheon, co-chaired the Caring Habits committee and was responsible for most of the new members admitted to the club this past year.
Karl and Ruth, his wife of 50 years are Paul Harris Fellows plus 8.